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The Story


C&S stands for Anthony Calleja and Justin Smith.

Having worked along side for 4 years, we had a good working connection and common interests and one of them most of all was family values and one day owning our own business.

Since our founding in 2020, C&S Painting and Decorating has operated with strong family values aimed at understanding and servicing clients needs. To us, every new project means a new relationship. The information we learn from clients, helps us to understand and grow as a business and take clients and their projects very personal to do the very best we can. This open communication model allows us to deliver excellent results.

Anthony, with over 7+ years of experience behind him in the painting industry, he has a passion for music was previously a guitar builder for many years. Anthony enjoys playing the guitar, fishing and spending time with his newborn son & wife. His attention to detail is very precise and takes every job professionally and personally. 

Justin, with over 15+ years of experience behind him in the painting industry, he has a passion for fishing, loves cooking, experimenting with flavours and foods around the world & spending time with his son and wife. Justin is well mannered, a business leader and has great people skills.

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